Responsive Designs

  Get your brand a new multi-screen friendly website or web app

Partner with best designers to get intuitive and responsive layout.

Want to take your website to the next level? Leave the task to Techechelons. We help you increase traffic and conversion rates with responsive web design services that fit every device screen and in full-features. Websites are getting a lot of traffic from mobiles, the reason is simple – mobiles are handy. Our client websites received massive upsurge in the traffic by turning to responsive designs developed by experts at Techechelons.

Your customer may be on any screen size or screen feature, with our responsive designs they will view the same content with the same exceptional quality. Responsive websites adjust on any screen and let the user experience the pure delight. No URL changes, no setting changes – our designs work seamlessly well on the desktop as well as the mobile screen from the same URL. Our technology imparts device flexibility to the website designs and performs exceptionally.

How to know if your website is responsive or not?

Techechelons helps you go beyond the limitations of traditional websites. Fit for every screen size is just one aspect of a responsive website.

  • Navigation is a challenge for developing a responsive website. It must be ensured the navigation does not get affected by resolution adaptations.
  • Call-to-action button plays a vital role in responsive website design. On a small screen, the customer must be well guided to the actual content and intent of the website.
  • Responsive websites are very sensitive to ratio proportioning of headlines, images, and text. The design should be clear and crisp.
  • A responsive website must build the brand of the website that reflects on every device the customers use.

Did your website pass the above test?

If the answer is NO, then you need Techechelons.

Contact our experts, we will help you in building a new high-tech responsive website. Worried about changing the website, do not worry we will redesign your existing website to a fully-functional responsive website.

What do you lose if the website is not responsive?

In 2015 Google announced the Mobilegeddon algorithm and it turned the face of the then optimal websites and their ranking overnight. This when we incepted the tools and technologies to help websites move to be more responsive. Till date 45% of the websites are not responsive, do you know what they are losing?

  1. The non-responsive websites are losing 60% of their daily traffic. In fact, they are not losing it; they are feeding it to the competitors who own responsive websites.
  2. If you are an e-commerce website, you are losing 70% of your ready to buy customers.
  3. Non-responsive websites are losing on their Google rankings as it loves the single URL responsive website for the user-friendliness they offer.

How do we build responsive websites?

We take the complexity of building responsive websites with a single URL as a challenge. A responsive design-build requires meticulous designing and proper alignment of the content. Experts at Techechelons are proficient in building highly responsive websites. The business success attained by our client websites shouts out loud for our expertise and professionalism. Technicalities behind making responsive websites:

Expertise in responsive designing lays a strong emphasis on designing an optimized grid layout. Techechelons’ expert developers ensure the grid layout is rich to offer flexibility and scalability to the website. A well-designed grid layout makes the first impression with consistent spacing and empowering the websites with friendly layouts.

How a device responds to a responsive website very much depends upon the text and images the website will have. There is an outstanding balance between creating content that is not readable and creating content that gets truncated. What so ever be the scenario we make sure it is readable and legible. Flexible images that are compatible with CSS are used for smaller device browsers.

At Techechelons, the experienced developers in CSS develop code that adds flexibility to the layout. The code is developed in media queries to ensure the same piece of code allows multiple layout support. It is ensured the responsive layout exceeds the breakpoint of no device screen.

As for every code and website, we extensively test the responsive website design and development. We use third-party testing support we promise to deliver 100% flawless responsive websites. To ensure the website is performing optimally across small screens and big screens, we involve actual users to interact with the beta phase of the site and work on the feedback to deliver a fully-functional and highly responsive website.

The main focus of the responsive website design is to ensure the website performs equally well on any device. We test the site on as many physical devices as possible to ensure the live website is the best in the market.

From excellent frameworks and CMSs to designing from scratch, we love designing great websites and apps always. The frameworks, which we prominently use for attaining responsive design, are:

  • Bootstrap
  • Foundation

Techechelons can develop elegant wordpress theme designing, Joomla, Magento, PHP-based CMSs and all HTML templates, which can serve best to your professional prospects.

Why choose Techechelons for your responsive designs?

With over 10 years of experience in developing excellent websites, you can expect the best from us. As a market leader of high-end responsive website developers, we deliver the quality product and reliable service bundled in very affordable packages:

  • A strong technical team of developers, we are capable of developing exceptionally optimized and tailored programming and development services.
  • Supported clients across many business domains and provided responsive web design services.
  • Working with agile methodologies, we deliver the responsive website with 0 defect percentage and timely.
  • We are experts in executing out-of-box ideas and bringing them into practical results.
  • We work to build brands with exceptional end-to-end development, maintenance, and support services.

Our talent pool is the best in the market and powered by the latest tools and technology they have created and are creating exceptional responsive designs. We solve your multiple problems in one go. Effective and affordable single URL websites are a solution for more traffic and high ranking. Get a clean, sleek and modern look for your websites that are interactive over an umbrella of devices.