Staff Augmentation

No matter what sort of organization you are, you require consummate and experienced manpower to firm your feet in the market. The more efficient manpower you own, the more likely you are growing. Though manpower is one of the essential resources for success, getting hold of it is not easy. You need to have an eagle’s eye to find out the best of mind out of millions. This process is tedious and strenuous exceedingly.

There are many jobs and roles that don’t demand regular employees. In that case, you are squandering away your resources and increasing your monetary burden. Temporary/contract staff offers agility and cost-saving in such scenarios. As they are accessible as per your need, you are going to make most of your investments.

Techechelons Infosolutions can be your dependable resource for this job.

With commendable industry experience and an expert team, we will help you to get the most desirable talent for your organization. Our contract staffing service works on a global level and serves almost every kind of industry including IT, finance, and so on.

We fuse technology with human intelligence and bring you the best staffing solutions that will augment your growth, lessen the operational costing, and staff training efforts. With our diverse assistance, we bridge the gap between the employer and employees and help each of them to grow in close vicinity with each other.

What Techechelons Infosolutions can do for you?

We spun our contract staffing assistance at large level and try to serve you in maximum possible ways. Here is what we can do for you.

  • We will help you to the source, hire, and deploy workforce
  • We will hire for various job roles. We can offer you skilled manpower in fullstack development, javascript, content management, mobile application development, UI and UX designers, chatbots development, and start-up services.
  • We will manage entire contract staffing lifecycle with services such as candidate negotiation, conversion fee agreements, bill rate, client negotiation, interview process and so on.
  • We will also take care of the payroll process.
  • Not just hiring. We lend a hand in staff training and continuous upgrading as well and help you keep your manpower laced with latest technological knowledge.

What difference our contracting service will make in your organization?

Businesses can acquire a strong market positing, render their services to the customers, and grow in the competitive business ecosystem only if they have talented staff. As the staff is what going to represent the business at multiple levels, it is imperative that your hiring process should be comprehensive by all means. This makes it a tough job and businesses squander away a lot of resources on it. With our contract staffing services, you can shed off this extra burden and focus on a core principle.

Techechelons Infosolutions is a top rank contract staffing company that move forward by keeping clients’ requirements and industry’s best work ethics at the pivot. By taking us into your service, you will be able to –

  • Build-up a team of highly skilled professionals without spending much of time and efforts. Hunting the appropriate candidate out of thousands of applications consumes a lot of time and leads to low-productivity at other key areas. Once we take over the charge of this tedious job, you are all set to brood over what is fundamental.
  • Trim down the training and hiring cost by all means. As we would be hunting down the candidates that own the relevant key skills and industry experience, you are likely to spend less on training.
  • Acquire staffs that are ready to work just after the hiring.
  • Get all the contract staffing services under one roof.
  • To get staffing solutions within your means. The bill rate will be deiced as per the recruiter’s income and can be customized as well.

Why choose Techechelons Infosolutions?

When it comes to your manpower, you need to be extra vigilant and choose the best resource. Being the industry leader, Techechelons Infosolutions has foster global industry ethics, and comprehensive methodology in its contract staffing process and tries to bring the best results that will augment your organizational success. We have a strong compliance contract staffing framework that will leverage the quality and productivity of your team by all means.

Since our inception, our clients’ requirements play a pivotal role and we weave our operations in accordance with them only. That is why we have trusted by millions of businesses to date. Our staffing process is considerably detailed and delivers par excellence outcomes.

  • We hire at PAN India and global level.
  • All our hiring processes are conducted with strong adherence to legal compliance.
  • From candidate negotiation to the final interview, we take care of everything and anything.
  • Domain experts in every area. So, your hiring process would be professional as each vertical.
  • Vast pre-validated candidate database for immediate hiring.
  • Tailor-made and flexible contract staffing solutions.
  • End-to-end contract staffing lifecycle management.
  • Industry’s best staffing service at cost-effective pricing.
  • 24*7 technical supports to resolve your queries.
  • 100% customer satisfaction.