Managed services and support

Your indispensable technology partner in changing landscape

Growing business relays upon a framework that is managed from top to ground level. As the business landscape is highly competitive, you should leave no stone left unturned when it comes to quality services. Our managed services and support is a proactive outsourcing process that helps a business to improve the existing operational structure, make most of the resources, and trim down the running cost.

By outsourcing or completely handing over the technology management task to us, you can easily expand your work capabilities and integrate success at a higher rate.




Why Do you Need Managed Services and Support?

When you are not monitoring the health of your existing business framework, you can be a victim of sudden system failure, product breaks down, and various other similar issues. This situation puts a stop on your growth curve and exerts great financial freight which can be too overwhelming. To save your neck from this situation, it is suggested that you should always take reliable managed services and support assistance for your business. When your current infrastructure is managed thoroughly, odds of sudden downfall/breakdown are bleak.

Our Specialization

Techechelons Infosolutions offers far-reaching managed services and support facility to its clients and helps them to meet their organizational goals while lowering the system maintenance cost. We remit all-inclusive and bespoke managed service and support facilities to our clients and help them to make their IT infrastructure safe and sound.




Our range of Managed IT services and support

You are going to thrive in with only a few resources. As your resources are far-reaching, we also lead a professional hand to manage all of these businesses vertical. You can hire our managed IT services and support for below-mentioned areas.

  • Software production support and maintenance
    Whatever is your software requirement, we will design, deploy, and implement it by all means.
  • Systems management
    Having a system is not enough. You need to keep an eye on its health as well. We have dedicated system management for the same job.
  • Custom product development
    Need specific software? Call us. We will deliver.
  • Data storage, warehouse, and management
    Your business data holds prime importance. Let us handle it securely and safely.
  • Data backup and recovery
    We will take care of your business data and prevent it from any loss.
  • Mobile application development and implementation
    We will manage the entire mobile application lifecycle.
  • Day-to-day technical and customer care support
    You can hire our managed services and support facility to maintain your customary operations and retain customers for once and all.
  • Periodically product/system/application upgrade
    We will update your products/system before they become obsolete.

The Techechelons Infosolutions edge

The IT ecosystem is highly erratic and prone to certain cyber threats. That is why it is very important that your systems, applications, products, and resources should be managed diligently. With vast industry experienced and a team of fervent IT professionals, we have managed to do it for thousands of our clients. Since our inception, we have managed to deliver par excellence services to our clients while keeping the cost as effective as possible.

work model

Once you hand over the job of product/service maintenance to us, you can take a breathe from mundane landscape monitoring. The most common issue that people face with in-house service maintenance and support is that it becomes stagnant after a certain point of time. It can’t evolve with the evolving landscape. In that case, our managed services and support offers you scalable solutions for a wide range of IT skills that will support your growth in the changing landscape.

While you focus on business growth, we, as your managed services and support partner, will look into the maintenance of your core process. You will be all free from the management of arduous and repetitive tasks and improve the efficiency of the IT team.

Instead of spending millions on in-house management services and support, you can avail our custom-made and need-specific services and reduce your operational cost by all means. In short, our managed services and support will keep you stress-free, reduce costing, and offer immediate and latest assistance.

Why only Techechelons Infosolutions for managed services and support?

By expanding your existing business infrastructure beyond boundaries, Techechelons Infosolutions is your strategic manage service and support partner that you have been looking from all those years. Our industry excellence and satisfied customer database comes from our ability to deliver enterprise-level innovative managed services while reducing your operational cost. As our managed services are tailored to meet your requirements, you get the exact, firm-fixed, and result-driven solutions. We will do remote/on-premise monitoring of your IT infrastructure and help you make most of your resource investments.

At Techechelons Infosolutions, there is zero-tolerance for operational lags and glitches and we always value our customers’ preferences. Our advanced technical and non-technical support offers all-inclusive networking, secreting, production, and maintenance assistance. The key factors that drive our success are:

  • Highly skilled and astute team possessing various key skills.
  • Well-tested and highly functional methodology.
  • Assorted managed services and support.
  • Right pricing.
  • Customized and flexible business framework.
  • Constant maintenance and support service