Learning and development

Each industry demands certain sorts of key skills. If your manpower possesses these skills then your day-to-day operations would be leveraged, productive, and result-oriented. If this is not so then be ready to face the tough time. To curb this low-skilled and poorly productive team scenario, Techechelons Infosolutions offers diligently designed learning and development services.

With our learning and development services, we try to foster the industry’s best skills in your business ecosystem. Our vast and noteworthy industry experience make us competent enough to help our clients to achieve their organizational goals, reduce training and development expenses, and empower their existing manpower.

Apart from providing latest technology skill training to your manpower, we can also create your very learning and development center. We can be your L&D partner in creating learning portals, study-material and audio & video digital content based upon your requirements.

We understand the current IT industry’s scenario and the skill gap well in advance and have determined ourselves to shrink it down. All our learning and development solutions are well-aligned with your business requirements and render detailed learning. With experienced industry-specific faculties, real-time course modules and project-based training, we earn success to bring holistic learning approach into the real situations.

The Techechelons Infosolutions offerings in learning and development

Digital revolution has empowered almost every walk of our life and shrunken the world like never before. Driven by the same technology, Techechelons Infosolutions offers comprehensive digital learning and development services to the world and build a learning environment wherein professionals can polish their technical skills to gain an edge over others. Techschool, a brainchild of Techechelons Infosolutions is constantly involved in delivering quality learning at your disposal.

With this digital learning platform, professionals can learn turnkey IT skill such as machine languages such as Python, HTML and Java, NodeJS, MongoDB, API, Full Stack application and many other latest technologies without the geographical boundaries.

All of our learning content has been developed by the industry’s best mind and content modules that we use in real-time situations. That is why after the availing our learning and development services, you can get hold of boating knowledge and acumen of certain key IT skills and improve your IT infrastructure.

Our learning and development services can be availed for individual training or corporate training purposes and strengthen your business ecosystem from the bottom level.

Some of the key courses that you can avail from us are:

  • Data science concepts
  • Data science applications
  • Data science live project
  • Full stack concepts
  • Full stack applications
  • Full stack live project

What makes our learning and development service different from others?

Techechelons Infosolutions believes in transforming learning from one end-to-end to others by keeping quality and experience at the pivot. While we enforce your learning in various key areas, we make sure that you gain conjectural and practical knowledge of high merit. What gains an edge over others is:

  • Our managed learning framework – Our learning framework is based on two principles: rendering great conjectural and practical knowledge and generating skilled man force. Based on these two principles only we have generated our learning and development services that are industry-focused and impart up-to-the-minute key IT skills in your operational landscape. We have real-time problem solving and project handling learning framework that makes individuals future-ready.
  • Our detailed learning strategy- To bring our learning framework into being, we have developed a comprehensive learning strategy. In our learning strategy, we blend the digital technology with the conceptual content and empower learning at every level. Our learning strategy is highly engaging and helps individuals to learn in a progressive environment. Unlike others, we put focus on practical learning.
  • Our experienced learning and development administration- Learning is more result-oriented and productive only if it is designed, developed, and mentored by the hand of experts. All our learning and development administrative staff is well-learned, skilled and possesses commendable experience in their key operational fields. Under their tutelage, your learning would be thorough, deepened, and absolute. We have a global network of trainers that brings the best of erudition into your business landscape.
  • Our transparent analytics and assessment- No learning is complete and trustworthy if it is not analyzed or assessed. That is why we, at Techechelons Infosolutions, adopt a very comprehensive and continuous assessment and performance analysis process. We do a periodic assessment, take trainer feedback about individuals, and keep a track on the individuals’ performance at each level. We find out the loopholes and design individual-based remedial solutions.
  • Our best pricing – As our prime focus is to impart quality IT learning up to the maximum extent, we have kept our learning and development services pricing very cost-effective. With such affordable pricing, all sorts of businesses/individuals can avail our services without any apprehensions. For corporate learning and development, we have special tailored-made packages that help you to grab a great deal.

Techechelons Infosolutions is a self-driven learning and development resource that conducts its operations in every industry environment with ease while practicing the international learning standards. Our learning and development services will transform our business by all means and help you make your manpower more skilled and learned.