When not to use Vue.js and when is it a must?

08 July 2019 / By TE Author

Vue offers a flexible and elegant API for robust infrastructure for the front end. It also facilitates users with seamless animations and transitions between states and views. Quality animation is important to grab the attention of the users. ‘Movement’ is a crucial element of modern apps and websites. A professional JS developer ensures the best use of Vue.js and builds a flawless, fun product for end-users.

Vue.js is a solid framework for creating single-page applications and websites, but there is also a catch. It’s best to use vue.js when –

The app includes interactive and animations elements

Vue 2.0 offers greater transition flexibility, making it possible to access third-party libraries and build complex animations easily. This incredible framework offers incredible optional ways of creating animations. You simply need to apply a tailored attribute and CSS to build your product. Vue comes with builtin transition group and transition components for both JS hooks and CSS.

Multiple apps need to be seamlessly integrated

Vue offers the benefit of easy integration to the developers. It easily integrates with server-rendered apps and is ideal for building single-page applications. The framework can be integrated easily with the existing server pages by frameworks like express, rails, or laravel. This adds interactivity to the applications. You can create client validation form and fetch content leveraging vue.

If you need to build comprehensive, single-page applications from the scratch Vue will turn out to be an ideal option. It facilitates users with web pack integration by offering a wide range of modern features like tree-shaking, bundling, or code-splitting. Just integrate this framework with the existing pages to achieve the desired results. You just have to load Vue in the required script tag and then add it to the JS file. The professionals offering javascript development services then add the data, HTML templates, and components.

You want to create a prototype

Vue allows the individuals to create a required prototype even if they don’t have any advanced skills in the field. With this framework in use, developers can write components in javascript, HTML, and CSS. HTML templates supported by this framework form an easier alternative for reading and building code. Vue.js development is ideal for designers and developers with limited experience in the domain. It allows them to prepare the required prototypes easily. Moreover, it is easy to set-up vue applications. You can easily build an app setup using vue command-line interface in a few clicks.

It is tricky and tough to reflect the changes that take place in user views. Vue’s reactivity system allows a JS developer to create something that can make the whole process easy. It comes in handy especially in case of small apps, where complex management solutions don’t work. With this framework in use, it is not so difficult to track the changes through user inputs.

You need to deliver MVP

Vue.js development allows users to code easily and quickly in terms of design and API. With vue in use, it takes only a day to set up the project environment. However, large applications like angular take a little extra time comparatively.

There is no need for wheel reinvention with the initiation of every vue.js development project. Developers can reuse the components. This speeds up the complete development process. Unlike react, there is no need to invest a month to set-up from the start. This increases the operational efficiency of experts offering javascript development services.

When not to use vue.js

Like other libraries and framework vue also comes with certain drawbacks, leaving developers with certain restrictions. This framework gives developers the flexibility of choosing between multiple features. But it is not ideal for the experts offering javascript development services who prefer working with only one way of building new components.

Furthermore, there is a lot to be done with the typescript support of vue. Vue 3.0 will come with a number of changes. Its API is will have typescript inference, which will provide improved support to the users. Developers who need flawless typescript support for their projects shouldn’t opt for vue.

It is tough for a JS developer to find relevant work opportunities. This means job opportunities for vue.js programmers are much less comparatively. React developers still enjoy the dominance in the market. Though the learning curve of vue is smooth, growth opportunities are less. However, the situation is changing and companies are mitigating hiring problems by choosing developers with javascript experience who can easily handle vue-based projects.

Irrespective of the limitations and drawbacks vue still has an upper-hand over other frameworks.