Type of websites, flawlessly developed using DotNetNuke

Type of websites, flawlessly developed using DotNetNuke    

Gone are the days when you were developing a website by using HTML pages. Now, most of the websites and web applications depend on the backend dynamic data source, which is having incorporated security and powerful edges of experience. That’s where CMSs (Content Management Systems) comes into demand. DotNetNuke is one such CMS development framework, which is preferred by developers and users for the website development.

If you have ever underestimated DNN for its powers, this article will tell you how this fantastic framework can be used. Check out the benefits of using DNN as the underlying architecture of your website and for which types of websites it is suitable.

What is DNN (DotNetNuke)?

DotNetNuke is one of the leading open-source frameworks for content management system. It uses a framework that offers you a very powerful web application by utilizing out of box solution. Making use of a three-tier model of architecture along with a core framework, it offers a great deal of support to the extendable segmental structure.

How it helps businesses establish a Better Online Presence?

DNN is a Microsoft based content management system, highly adaptable to all type of businesses. It helps in managing a website without having a proper technical knowledge. It helps in easy and instant editing of the content in a website.

The reason behind DNN’s huge popularity is the control which it offers to its developers while managing different pages and components. It also offers a very consistent user interface experience, which will allow you to engage more potential visitors for sure.

Benefits of using DotNetNuke platform

  • Faster Website Development
    If you develop a website using DotNetNuke, the website will be instantly ready by downloading and running the installer. For the best, you should hire best DNN Developers as they can develop a whole new set of features that will look professional, decent and smooth to work with.
  • Module based architecture
    In a DNN website, there are different modules which are separate from one another. The hierarchy-based architecture creates a well-abstracted system for its users. It assists you in laying out your pages very easily simply by selecting modules and then keeping them in desired places. To make changes in the site structure, you can utilize the drag-and-drop functionality too. It keeps the whole website flexible and highly customizable.
  • High security
    DotNetNuke utilizes highly secured and well implemented secured architecture, which keeps your data safe. These features help in having a good control on who is visiting the page and who is editing.
  • Customization Capabilities
    Fully-customizable modules, third-party add-ons, and many such DNN elements keep this CMS highly customizable. If hired the right developers or team of developers, you can get any type of website developed with DNN.

Types of websites, which could be developed using DNN

  1. Ecommerce websites
    DNN platform is highly reliable, user-friendly, secure and excellently functional. These qualities of DotNetNuke make it a perfect e-commerce development technology for many. It allows the integration of the layers, skins and the modules for the development of unique eCommerce websites. It is because of its simple and reliable open-source framework, e-commerce owners find DNN a good choice for their online business.
  1. Business websites
    Currently, most of the big and branded businesses are using this CMS for their business websites because of the ease of publishing and excellence in the user experience it offers. Blogs, news, services, landing pages, forms, etc. – all could be created using this CMS framework without knowing coding. Security implementations and amazing design components of DNN make it a preferred option for business website development.
  1. Portfolio websites
    Are you in search of a place to show your work achievements?

    You can easily develop a portfolio website using DotNetNuke. With stunning sliders and galleries, it offers for a very refined user experience driven online presence that will help your works to be easily browsed by others.
  1. Banking websites
    A large number of banking websites are using DotNetNuke platform for the development of their websites. No matter whether it is a local, national or any multinational bank, using this platform provides a very pleasant and friendly customer experience. In the present-day scenario when more and more customers are using internet for all of their banking transactions, therefore it is necessary for the banks to provide them with a user-friendly platform for all of their operations. This is made easy by using DotNetNuke.
  1. Multiple portal websites
    DotNetNuke is widely used by the websites, which act as a one-stop gateway to several portals and various services as well products. Various customized modules and the skins available in this platform to help you in the creation of attractive and high functional websites. DNN assists you in presenting the most professional avatar of your company through the website.
  1. Web Application Development
    At first, DotNetNuke was first developed as a content management system, but with the evolution, it has become the headless CMS framework. It can also be used in the web application development due to the same cause.
  1. Educational institute websites
    There are many Educational institutes, which maintain the informational clarity in front of its present and future students by using the DNN powers. A person who is not technology savvy also can easily browse through the different categories of the website, due to the perfectly-arranged navigations and visible labels.

Need a website? 

When websites are developed with DotNetNuke platform, they gain meticulous attention due to the uniqueness incorporated into them. Unlike other CMSs, common design isn’t the problem with DotNetNuke. 

If you are looking for the best CMS to be used for your upcoming website, DNN makes the best choice for many reasons as already told above. Hence, now you only need to hire the DNN developers to fulfill your needs and requirements in a timeline manner, without comprising the quality of work. Well, hire Techechelons Infosolutions to get started with excellence. We are developing DNN products, modules and websites from 12 years already. Let’s work on your presence to add the glare of perfection in it.


Monday, August 27, 2018 1:31 PM
Thank you for sharing this informative blog. Useful. Thank you for sharing.
James David
Thursday, December 6, 2018 12:46 PM
Dotnetnuke is trending these days. It is one of the bests cms platforms. It is faster and secure platform.
James David
Thursday, March 14, 2019 11:11 AM
DotNetNuke is so compatible with any kind of business.

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