Top tech career choices and trends for 2018

22 January 2018 / By TE Author
Tech Career Choices

76% of people think that technology has done far awesome things to improve the world than the politician. Well, true. Technologies interest everyone. Not only because of the alluring salaries, but also due to the impact they allow making us on lives. Though at the same time, there are so many options to confuse new entrants in this field. So, we’ve got a legit question to ask:

Are you puzzled to make the right career choice as tech industry takes a whole plethora of specialization onboard?

If yes, we can help you in this, because opportunities are enormous.

The opportunities in technological sector

Robert Half Salary Guide 2018 states that tech workers will enjoy a high exigency of their skills in the global recruitment market. The hiring volume and pay per skill are also going to witness a boom. With such booming prospects, the tech industry will open the doors of million of opportunities for enthusiastic individuals. More and more people are getting absorbed in this vast world of technology and the trend is going to continue in 2018 as well. The fact is validated by various reports.

Do you want to know more about this dynamic world of opportunities?

Read our rundown of top tech career choices that will rule the recruitment world in 2018:

Career trends led by entry of latest technologies

Top tech career choices and trends for 2018

  1. Blockchain engineer
  2. Have you heard about bitcoins? Of course, you must have as this is one of the most ranging things these days. Well, the intelligence of the blockchain engineer is what made it a market leader. If you become a blockchain engineer with in-depth knowledge of cryptography and hash algorithms then we are sure that your career prospects high in the coming future.

  3. Cloud capacity manager
  4. More and more enterprises are opting for the cloud storage system to securely store their data. Equipped with skills such as perl, ruby, and ruby on rails, a cloud capacity manager profile is going to lead the global job market.

  5. AI expert
  6. AI, artificial intelligence, has already made way into our system and predictions are made that slowly and gradually it will mark its presence in every aspect of life such as business, household work and so on. Seeing this, we can easily say that a skills AI expert will have a booming career in approaching time.

  7. Computer security incident responder
  8. Cyber theft has been a potential threat since the birth of the internet. No enterprise can afford to let their data and information steal away, thus they call for professional help of a computer security incident responder, the man who deals with the effects of cyber-attacks and put its resources to stop it. Owing to the need of the hour, this is indeed a good career choice.

  9. Cognitive computing engineer/ machine learning specialist
  10. Considered as one of the most critical factors behind smooth functioning of IT firms, this job profile is gaining momentum by each passing day. Though it is today’s newest buzzword still more and more enterprises are hiring for skilled professionals.

Best career choices in programming and development

Top tech career choices and trends for 2018

  1. MEAN stack developer
  2. MEAN is a full-stack development kit, based on javascript technology. In today’s digital epoch, every enterprise needs an informative website for them and to achieve the task efficiently, they call for a MEAN stack developer. Seeing the boom in the number of the website coming out each day, the exigency of this job profile has increased by manifolds.

  3. Xamarin developer
  4. Xamarin is one of the most trust development platforms these days. The ability of a xamarin developer to work with all three operating systems i.e. iOS, android and windows gives it an edge over other professionals.

  5. Full stack developer
  6. Responsible to carry out all layer functioning of a computer software development, these developers have a functional knowledge and ability to make a viable product out of a rough concept. It is indeed an appealing career choice to be made in the year 2018 as the companies across the globe have raised the demand for these professionals.

  7. Javascript developer
  8. The world of java is always changing and evolving. It is one of the three nucleus mechanism of client-side web development. Being responsible for putting the front-end logic into the main operations of a web application, these professionals never goes out of sight. if you want to a part of a career which offers something or other to learn every day than javascript developer is the right choice for you.

Career options for database enthusiasts

Top tech career choices and trends for 2018

  1. Data engineer
  2. Skilled in technologies such as hadoop, spark, kafka, storm, hive and many more, a database engineer in the backbone of any organization. As data is the real asset of a company, the role of data engineer holds more significance than any other profile. Assigned to design, construct, install, test and yield results from rough data, these professionals will always be in the picture.

  3. Business intelligence analyst
  4. These professionals are essentials when it comes to business and revenue prospects for a company. They carried out thorough research about market trends and compile the gathered data to find out the future business prospects for a company. As business is a chief motto of any firm, these professionals are going to enjoy a roaring career in the near future.

What’ll be a good job profile for creative people, interested in designing?
  1. Multimedia artist & animator
  2. We all yearn for creativity. An engaging piece of work will keep you cling, while you read or search for anything. Multimedia artist & animator are responsible to make the applications, software, and websites of a company more interesting. Via all latest tools and technologies, they create visuals, audios, videos and animation for the company’s websites.

  3. UX designer
  4. How important is a user’s experience with a website or application? Well, it is of utmost importance. Thus, a company takes the assistance of a UX designer to enhance the user experience with their websites and application. They conduct user research, interviews, and surveys, and frame sitemaps, customer journey maps, wireframes, and prototypes to bestow far interesting experience to the users. In a void of these professionals, a company will end up with abandoned products.

Best job preferences for students, inclined towards research/security sector

Top tech career choices and trends for 2018

  1. Computer and information research scientist
  2. Responsible to concoct innovative and up-to-the-minute computing technology these professionals find innovative uses for existing technology. A company looks up to them when it requires resolving of multifaceted problems in computing for business, science, medicine, and other fields. Thus, it is a promising career choice in approaching time.

  3. Ethical hacker
  4. Hacking is not always unethical. At times, a company needs to peep into other’s network to protect their system. These professionals are deployed to make an entry to an attacker’s system and gain information for protection sake. As we all know how arbitrary and insecure the world of the internet is, the exigency of these ethical hackers will never witness a dip.

    Whether you have a flair for designing or interest in shaping the future, the tech industry has ample of opportunities for the one who has the right set of skills and dexterity. Make any choice form above mentioned profession and be ready to have a triumphing career.

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