Top 10 chatbots you would love to talk to!

30 August 2018 / By TE Author

Chatbots are no more a surprise for the 2018 generation. We have become quite familiar with these artificially intelligent programs. An intelligent chatbot that understands precisely the natural language and replies appropriately is high in demand. No website wants to have a chatbot as live support that talks like a 1920’s humanoid robot.

Conversational behavior and precisely intelligent chatbots are the need of the hour. The pressure on chatbot development companies is high to develop more efficient chatbots. As multiple industries are trying to leverage the advantage of chatbots, the market has tremendous opportunities. Today we witness secure chatbots, intelligent chatbots, and conversational chatbots that are serving banking clients, insurance clients and almost every other industry. All this was not done overnight!

Chatbots took their own time to evolve with technology advancement. Today we have a bunch of chatbots that epitomize the phenomenal effort and innovation behind their creation.

Let us talk about the top 10 Chatbots of 2018:

  1. Mitsuku

    A three-time loebner prize winner Mitsuku is the most humane conversational chatbot in the history of chatbots. 2005 was the year Mitsuku when was born and she is on a continuous quest for evolution since then. Her intelligence is bespoke as she has got the ability to reason. Mitsuku has become a prominent name in the world of chatbot development and so is her developer Steve Worswick. Websites and applications across the globe are using Mitsuku like Kik messenger. On Kik messenger alone, Mitsuku converses with 25000 users daily.

  2. Rose

    A chatbot that has fooled many anonymous responders across the world for its conversational communication and human-like intelligence! rose has been put through various series of turing tests to emerge as a winner always. It mimics human conversations very well and if asked by a user if it is chatbot or robot, it outrightly refuses it.

  3. Poncho

    Poncho is being trusted to be a weather guru. It is a chatbot that finds its position in the messenger. It is capable of sending weather alerts as well as if a human has a weather query, it has an answer for all. It is the first of its kind in the chatbot development industry.

  4. A.L.I.C.E

    Another chatbot that has pocketed loebner prize three times for its strong natural language processing capabilities. As a free chatbot that always ranks high in the hierarchy of top chatbots, A.L.I.C.E is free and offers minimalistic response but in a humane manner. A.L.I.C.E is impressively famous because of its great language processing and linguistic deflection. The answers A.L.I.C.E offers to its users are fantastic. It is the foundational base for many chatbots of today.

  5. Elbot

    Elbot has been a stunner with its wit. It brings sarcasm to the AI and is the perfect package for human entertainment. Elbot learns from every conversation and has his own taste in movies and TV shows. It showcases the scale of natural language processing capabilities as it understands the emotions of the conversion. Unlike Rose, if asked whether it is a chatbot, Elbot agrees to the fact that it is.

  6. Foxy
    Winner of the Chatbottle -2018 award, foxy acts as a personal matchmaker. It is first of its type in chatbot development and does a good job to find the right partners. Not only is foxy vouched as the best matchmaker but is loved for its fun talks. It can be integrated on messenger apps like facebook messenger. All one needs to do is open foxy in messenger and create a profile to let it find the perfect matches.
  7. Replika
    Replika is one chatbot who is popular as a patient listener. It is being used by people to share their feelings without the fear of being judged or talked about. Replika learns as you unwind your emotions and creates a log of your life as you share the thoughts. It works more like a friend who now knows it all but can be trusted completely.
  8. Twyla

    Let us get down to business with Twyla as it allows business websites to integrate the chatbot as a customer service provider. It is powerful and has the ability to engage in business conversations just like humans. Its popularity in chatbot development is significant as it is being used for customer care support in salesforce, SAP, Shopify, oracle, Magento and more.

  9. Botsify

    Developed to automate the live chat supports, Botsify is a perfect chatbot to handle all FAQ’s in a more humanoid manner. With a response time of less than a second, the repetitive queries are answered even before the user types the complete query. Needs to be trained just once and then it learns from every conversation.


    It is a truly versatile chatbot that can be used for effective lead generation. It can be integrated into the messenger, a dedicated landing page of a website or make it act like a voice assistant. It is an extremely adaptive, intelligent and humanoid chatbot.

  11. Chatbot development has taken a new route and we are about to witness an army of chatbots serving us over the internet as well as over the phone. As conversational skills are getting more precise, chatbots are replacing many human tasks.