The rise of chatbots – why they’ll replace all your apps!

18 July 2017 / By TE Author
rise of chatbot

Check your phone once and tell how many messaging apps are there?

Skype, Slack, Kik, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Allo or WeChat – we can bet that the number should be 3 to 4 at least. In true sense, they’ve replaced the home screen for most of us, till the time our phones are kept unlocked.

Do you know why?

That’s because humans love to interact – period.

From an NLP-based program ELIZA (1961) to Google’s latest chatbot ‘Google Assistant’ (2016) in Allo or Mitsuku by PandoraBots, the thing which never changed is people’s inclination towards conversational interaction. They want things to be simply accessible. So it can be deduced that an artificially-built program in their contact list (chatbot), which is able to argue, negotiate, and most importantly ‘understand their customized issue’, will surely become their favourite in no time.

The rise of chatbots

Okay, we admit that it may sound quirky to say at present, but we are obviously talking about the future. We are talking about the time when these bots will be far smarter and faster than they currently are. With having instant access to all information you need, they will most probably be the one who’ll understand you precisely – more than a human.

Wait, don’t you know about chatbots?

First things first! Know it here:

Chatbots are more like the conversational personal assistants, which can revert to your queries with customized messages, search results, images or more (and that’s going to increase with time).

Why are we so sure about them, replacing the mobile applications soon?

There are numerous reasons for that:

  1. Applications vs chat apps
  2. Conversion is the result of engagement. It is found that mobile users are giving their 80% of the time to 2-3 apps and all of these are messaging apps. Building a mobile app is a costly affair and costlier is to promote it in the throat-cutting competition, where people have got numerous alternatives to fulfill their needs. Some points to understand are:

    • 80% of people do not use an app after using it once.
    • There are fair chances that your app will be uninstalled after several usages (phone’s space is precious. You know, right?)
    • More than half of the total mobile phone users install 0 apps per month.
    • Out of 30-32 apps installed on a mobile phone, 20-25 are hardly opened once in a week.

    The statistics and facts clearly show what should be preferred to get the real conversions (among the chat apps or your custom-build application). So, the smart way is obviously to get your AI-enabled chatbot developed which can ‘talk’ to your audience without unnecessarily bringing out of the messaging chores.

  3. Bots are easiest of all When you install a new mobile application, you have to spend some time learning its features and familiarizing yourselves with the interface. But that’s not the case with chatbots. They just need to be installed on some known interface. No ‘how to do’ and ‘where the option is’ will haunt you. All you have to do to make them work is sending a message and waiting for their reply.
  4. Chatbots are fast, precise and interesting Eating up the least of your data, chatbot replies to your questions according to the current conversation history and available internet information (or sometimes training data). As the technology will mature, the precision of these answers will surely increase.
    Consider this:

    You have to book a hotel – somewhere, for a certain time period and within some specific budget.

    Whom will you prefer to have as the helper… a human attendant or an app?

    In the case of a human attendant, you will be able to convey your custom requirements easily, negotiate and discuss. On the other side, mobile apps will appear proficient in providing you with a good listing of deals to compare.

    Chatbots will actually be able to do both tasks altogether very soon. No doubt, you will prefer to consult with them at that time.

  5. Efficient, less expensive and people’s choice The reason why people trust the websites with real-time 24/7 chat support (70% of us do) over mobile apps is – buyers want quick assistance and easy way to get the things done. It means that your organization needs many people who are always online and talking to your customers. Well, 99% of businesses can never implement this due to budget constraints. But, adding a chatbot which can simultaneously talk with numerous people at the same speed once activated can solve the issue for many businesses. And it will surely make the people’s choice too, by raising the trust factor. It seems cost-friendly too!
  6. People like familiar things (but not boring) Without regularly updating a mobile app, it is impossible to keep the users engaged. But again, changes should be implemented without making the app look alien.The rise of chatbots

    Apparently, chatbot doesn’t have any specific visual layout. So, you will be focusing on making the same program smarter. Every new message will have a different reply, which means we aren’t missing out to keep the people curious here. Hence, bots won the game at this point too.

  7. Instant access and no additional infrastructure requirements For a mobile app, you will need space, compatible devices and then, it requires to be opened specifically when something is to be done. For bots, you need nothing special; just the messaging interface is enough. As it requires users to do nothing and can be accessed immediately through a known visual interface, everyone will be opting for it only.
  8. Re-engaging people is easy To bring back a user back to your mobile app is very hard as compared to re-engaging a person through the chatbot. If someone has uninstalled your application then you’ll need them to re-install your application again. For sure, that’s not a simple thing to do. However, bots need no special infrastructure and can prove better when you are trying to re-engage the customer.
  9. The open rate of chat apps is higher than anything. You know it, right!That’s self-explanatory here. The engagement attained through bots is going to be much higher than that attained through a mobile app, developed after a lot of effort.

Got enough reasons to launch a chatbot over a mobile app?

Ask Techechelons to help you in chatbot development so that you can come up with something great, and not just a common mobile app. All of us know, adopting early is always advantageous if you know how potent technology is going to be.