Mobile app tester
8 Tools a mobile app tester should definitely know about

Software development techniques, tools, and processes have come a long way now and trends are changing every single day. In software testing also, the trends are changing faster than ever...

13 Feb 2018, Tue
App Dev
Is kotlin going to change the way we run apps?

Kotlin has been in the news for quite some time, and now it’s kotlin native making some uproars in the market. Kotlin Native, aka KN, will be used to develop...

05 Feb 2018, Mon
Chatbot World
10 Transformational trends we will soon see in the chatbot world

2017 was a year of chatbots. But, the little pop up that interacts with you on the website is transforming in 2018. As a computer program that talks to you...

29 Jan 2018, Mon
Tech Career Choices
Top tech career choices and trends for 2018

76% of people think that technology has done far awesome things to improve the world than the politician. Well, true. Technologies interest everyone. Not only because of the alluring salaries,...

22 Jan 2018, Mon
Cryptocurrencies and blockchain – beginning of virtual currencies

From the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2018, cryptocurrency and blockchains remained the most-hyped buzz. Chances are that it’ll continue to raise people’s interest throughout this year, or...

18 Jan 2018, Thu
DNN Next
DNN development & technology trends to watch out in 2018

DNN or DotNetNuke, whatever you call it, the technology is rapidly advancing. It is fairly more progressive as compared to other CMS in the world. Hence, the possibilities of newly-evolving...

08 Jan 2018, Mon
AI application
Applications of AI in education and healthcare sector

In Spain, Robotic tutors are already being tested while Accenture is expecting the healthcare sector to save $150 million a year within the US alone. From above, one thing is...

01 Jan 2018, Mon
improving workspace
Improving workspaces through new breed of AI implementations

Technology always seems exciting, game-changing and evolving to all of us. Whenever we think of concluding that the world has advanced a lot, a new breed of digital innovations appears...

25 Dec 2017, Mon
rise of chatbot
The rise of chatbots – why they’ll replace all your apps!

Check your phone once and tell how many messaging apps are there? Skype, Slack, Kik, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Allo or WeChat – we can bet that the number should...

18 Jul 2017, Tue