Testing tools
10 Great testing tools for your newly-built chatbot

Artificially intelligent software chatbot programs are capable of interacting in a much humane manner. Driven by natural language processing, the substream of deep learning, chatbots are the new frontier of...

23 Apr 2018, Mon
mobile developers
10 small things to take care of while hiring mobile developers

Technology trends are changing daily! So even if you have been a pro in coding java, the pipelined project may need you to develop a web app in javascript. Standing...

18 Apr 2018, Wed
video chat
Development scope in chatbots applications

Chatbots seem some humane now. Intelligent enough to understand the patterns and put across answers that are appropriate and relevant, chatbots have come a long way. With efficient chatbot development...

09 Apr 2018, Mon
DeepFace unleashed – What does the facebook do to recognize faces?

Ever thought why the tag suggestions on facebook are so accurate? Well, it is due to the most efficient face detector tool, being used by the respective company. Your favorite...

03 Apr 2018, Tue
Content management systems and their suitability for your business

Should we get the website build from scratch or it is better to pick a CMS/framework so that the work [and cost] could be reduced to the minimum? People often...

26 Mar 2018, Mon
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How To Use machine learning For lead generation?

Machine learning is known to do cool and complex things. Businesses nowadays, like to find their exact target audience and offer their products or services to that particular group instead...

19 Mar 2018, Mon
chat bot development
Qualities which can make your chatbot smarter

Chatbots are emerging faster and are being implemented everywhere, especially in the business world. What sets them apart is their ability to interact with real humans, the ability to act...

12 Mar 2018, Mon
Hybrid mobile app framework
Does Hybrid Mobile App Worth your investment?

Taking investment decisions for a mobile app could turn into a nightmare. If you are not from the technical background, the task is even more daunting. Nothing is black or...

05 Mar 2018, Mon
Type of websites, flawlessly developed using DotNetNuke

Gone are the days when you were developing a website by using HTML pages. Now, most of the websites and web applications depend on the backend dynamic data source, which...

26 Feb 2018, Mon
Cryptocurrency mining & everything else about blockchain systems

The tables have turned for the economic markets. A recent uproar created by cryptocurrencies and blockchain has challenged the way we have been doing monetary transactions. Some of you may...

22 Feb 2018, Thu