Is node js good for setting up your online business?

23 October 2018 / By TE Author
Node JS

Node.js is being used across 85 countries and powers websites in more than 45 languages. Indeed node.js is fast, powerful and flexible but is it right for the online business? The answer is “Absolutely Yes”. Offering a tremendous amount of developer productivity and client satisfaction, node.js is fueling some of the world’s most powerful websites for Target, IBM, PayPal, Pinterest, Sony, Walmart, RedHat and an endless trail of market leaders follows.

With an increasingly global footprint and conquering the enterprise sector, node.js and its entire ecosystem are dramatically changing the success rates of online business.

Node.js brings in the advantage of its javascript engine making the e-commerce websites fast and efficient. With developers preferring the node.js framework over other frameworks it becomes important to know how node.js is advantageous.

Node.js is powering 51K live websites out of which major players are the e-commerce stores. Let us have a cursory glance at why to choose node.js development:

  • The framework is easy to install and can be executed locally
  • Code offers multi-platform compatible
  • The fast development of a minimum viable product
  • Perfect for fast native bindings
  • Coupling between client and server for extreme performance
  • Flexible with open source modules
  • Cheap hosting
  • Cloud scalability advantages
  • Lightweight solutions
  • Trending web apps
  • The lightning-fast speed of the web app development over the node.js makes it a favored framework. It is simply allowing faster yet the feature-packed development of web apps that allows multi-user interaction in real-time. Using javascript, the node.js serves client and server-side ensuring better synchronization that is a must for an online store.
    Example of top web app –

  • Super-fast speed
  • Powered by the V8 engine it offers blazing fast speed of operation as the javascript builds native machine code. E-commerce stores developed on node.js allows the handling of parallel connections leading to higher performance. All asynchronous I/O operations are handled using single sub-processes leading to speedy operations.
    The e-commerce apps developed on the node.js framework are around 21 times faster than the ones developed on other frameworks.
    Example of the top speedier app – PayPal

  • Node package manager advantage
  • Dependency management becomes a bottleneck with lots of e-commerce stores but the ones developed in node.js do not suffer the grind. With 60000 modules in Node Package Manager (NPM), it surpasses the growth and scalability standards of any other framework.

  • Data streaming
  • The e-commerce web apps, mobile apps, and websites need the processing of files at loading time. HTTP requests and responses are handled separately giving more speed and reducing the processing time of transmissions. With e-commerce stores adding videos of products, data streaming at fast speeds is an added advantage of the node.js framework.

  • Resolution of database queries
  • Node.js development makes it easy to combine the operations of node.js and NoSQL databases. As the emerging database queries are also fueled by javascript, it becomes easy for developers to make node.js work for multiple databases. This is especially important when dealing with real-time web Apps as data conversions are not required.

  • Productivity of apps
  • Working at a scale of enterprise level development of web apps, it makes the development process more productive. The frontend and backend work using javascript making it easy for developers to work on both ends in a highly efficient manner. This aspect reduces the number of developers required to build an app thus reducing the cost of development without compromising on quality and time to market. PayPal has taken massive advantage of the node.js framework.

  • Highly scalable solution
  • As an ideal lightweight technology tool, node.js is perfect to be used for microservices. The application logic is not developed as a large code but broken down into smaller modules based on services that make the solution ready for scalability always.

  • Proxy server and security
  • Node.js development offers a proxy server along with it that makes it easy to collect data from multiple channels like e-commerce apps and websites. The framework offers extreme customization and bespoke security standards. It is being trusted by a lot of enterprise leaders to fuel the e-commerce stores for its security advantages.

To conclude:

Node.js is being trusted by a thriving community of developers as it has matured into a full-fledged development solution. Its flexibility, reliability, and scalability make it a most trusted framework to create an e-commerce store of the performance level of Walmart and eBay. Offering reduced times of development and lower development costs, developers are favoring the e-commerce development on the node.js framework.

While 16% of the enterprises are using it to develop a bespoke front end, around 36% are relying on node.js as a full-stack solution. Emerging as a global development framework, node.js is all set to transform the growth of online stores. Need the best developers at work? Hire our node.js developers.