Is kotlin going to change the way we run apps?

05 February 2018 / By TE Author
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Kotlin has been in the news for quite some time, and now it’s kotlin native making some uproars in the market. Kotlin Native, aka KN, will be used to develop native.

One thing is clear, kotlin native is here to change the way apps will run for you now. It is because of the fact that kotlin can be converted to java, objective-C, and javascript in no time. Hence, you can have an android app, progressive web app, API and iOS app by using a single language. Compiling and running your app for testing is also easy on the web directly, when you are using this new child of the android world.

Before getting deeper into the debate, let’s understand kotlin and its proficiencies at a glance:

A brief about kotlin, the android app development game changer

Kotlin is an open-source programming language, coming from the jetbrains – the creators of android studio. Directly addressing the challenges by java and other android app development languages, kotlin does not come with its own build system. Kotlin is seamlessly backward compatible with java ensuring the existing apps face no issues.

Since 2015, kotlin has been around and has been solving real-world developer challenges. It was incepted with a mindset to integrate with the existing set up rather than disrupting the functional parts. Kotlin has come across as a simple yet powerful programming language. With jetbrains on the back, kotlin is coming across as a well-tested language to replace the old-school java development.

Java and kotlin compatibility

Kotlin gained wide acceptance because it never disrupted any existing java functionalities. In fact, it shook hands with java code with a 6 bytecode. So even if you are in the middle of an application coded in java, you can use kotlin and shape out a new feature out of nowhere powered by kotlin. The fantastic yet straightforward code is written to kotlin to handle the wackiest functions.

What is kotlin bringing to the developer’s world?

Kotlin has proved to be a worthy alternative to java android app development. And good news for android developers is that kotlin is now in android Studio 3.0. Overcoming the soft patches of Java 6, 7 and 8, kotlin is offering developers strong reasons to switch a more mature programming platform.

Major issues with java for the app developers
  • Java has become a catch-22
  • The latest versions of java, java 8 offers some very exhaustive features, but the irony remains, they are not supported by the current age android. So currently, even with the latest and competitive versions of java, developers are stuck with using java 6 and 7.

  • Java code is draggy
  • The optimization of code asks for less code. Java makes it tough for a developer to write less code every for a simple task and makes android apps hefty and susceptible to bugs.

  • Java is Lengthy
  • You cannot deny it, right?

Why develop (or get developed) your next android app using kotlin?

If you are a developer and still are thinking about the next project to be in java or kotlin, it is now or never. Take a leap of faith on jetbrain’s new kid kotlin and see how creative juices can be quickly transformed into a robust kotlin powered app.

In case, you happen to be an enterprise looking out for an app that is secure and engaging, entrust Techechelons for delivering a complete app developed on ultimately powerful kotlin. Enterprises like pinterest and basecamp are already using the kotlin powered apps. Aren’t they a great example to follow?


Source: Fossbytes

Here’s why android app development is better with kotlin:

  • Crashing apps is a thing of past
  • Do your android apps crash?

    O yes, they do!

    The reasons, generally, are the lack of space and null pointer exceptions. The cloud infrastructure and kotlin’s resistance to NPE are going to solve both problems.

  • Goodbye to nullpointer exceptions
  • No longer will you have to be answerable for the crashes of an astounding app due to nullpointer exceptions on android. So you end up saving time and your reputation if you build app on kotlin that catches nullpointer exceptions at the time of code compilation. No null pointer issue reaches the deployment stage.

  • Quick development cycle
  • Kotlin does not ask developers to write lengthy code for simple functionality. The kotlin code is always concise and readable as compared to java offering developers a definite reason to switch.

  • Synthetic extension availability
  • With massive libraries of extensions, kotlin offers a simple android development process. ‘Synthetic’ is a versatile extension available with kotlin. The extension enables the navigation of the code easy and developers can debug and read through the code very easily and quickly.

    As a developer, we know working with an API, we deal with collections and at times spend too much time dealing with it. Kotlin offers a collection filtering feature. The features help developers by ascertaining the results of the list. It is comparable to the java 8 streams.

  • Kotlin comes with lazy-loading feature
  • The lazy-loading is what governs the startup time of an application. It is a perfect solution to make your app fast loading and show its content almost instantly. The lazy-loading methodology works by letting on the principle resources take space in the main memory.

    The variable will be loaded only when it is accessed. This feature becomes useful only when the android app is being accessed. No longer will the user sit on the loading screen. Lazy loading is a very memory efficient method, and since the phones come with limited memory, it becomes all the more important.

Some more advantages of using kotlin over java are:


Source: Upwork

Is the kotlin world tempting for developers too?

To keep it the shortest, we are enjoying android app development with kotlin and so will you.

Rooting from the java virtual machine, kotlin is everything that an android developer expects. Kotlin can be integrated into excellent IDE- android studio just like java, but with java, the developers are feeling stuck. If you are a java developer and are in a comfort zone, it’s the right time to jump to kotlin and bid goodbye to java challenges.

Kotlin is so feature-packed that while it takes care of keeping the code simple and crisp, you can develop complex apps easily and quickly. Keep it hush. With the same price to your client, your effort is going to be less and the client is going to be happier than ever. The price you have to pay is to learn kotlin that will secure your future too. Hence, it’s high time to say goodbye to old apps and on-board the future of app programming. The sooner, the better!