Google I/O and everything you should know about it

01 June 2018 / By TE Author
Google I/O

Google I/O 2018 represented a new aspect of google’s vision. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, google is coming up with lots of technology advancements in android, google assistant, google maps, google photos, and more.

Owning the responsibility toward the impact of the technology on the users, CEO Sundar Pichai’s keynote focused tremendously on artificial intelligence and how Google will use it to reduce human effort in using mobiles and other devices.

A lot happened in the three days and is a top mobile app development company, we had to keep track of it all. If you have missed it all, let us pick up the highlights here!

  • Android P
  • A three-button navigation is soon going to be a thing of the past. With Android P, the navigation is all set for a makeover. This navigational change although it looks simple but has made the developers do a lot of changes at the operating system level. Edging closer to iPhone-X like navigation, Android P will effectively reduce your effort to navigate your apps, unlock your phone and handle the notifications.

    So, within a short time-span, android has moved fast, right?

    Okay, wait. Let us remind you –


    The primary objective of bringing around this change is to limit the mobile usage for a user leading to what is now being known as digital well-being.

  • Gmail is ready to write your emails
  • Another advantage of google and AI collaboration! Gmail’s latest feature is the smart reply feature. It goes without saying that when gmail offers you a suggestion of the entire sentence, you will be saving a lot of your typing and composing email time. Gmail users can soon witness the change but google suite users will have to stay a little more patient.

  • Google assistant voice
  • Google’s virtual assistant is all set to interact with its users in some interesting voices. As a google user, you can pick up from a list of 6 google assistant voice now and did you hear the big-name whose voice is going to be on the list in the year-end of 2018? It is going to be John Legend’s voice.

    Fun highlight

    Did you notice google finally corrected the burger emoji by correcting the position of the cheese slice?

  • Google map is becoming versatile
  • Google Map

    With over 1.5 billion google maps users, it is a very important part of google’s growth. Did you think google maps was just limited to a web mapping service? Well, it could not get better with the google I/O 2018 announcement of it becoming a social web mapping that would allow users to find out the most trending restaurants close by and meet up with the social-network friends in real-time. The feature has been named “For You”.

  • New google assistant with the screen
  • Apart from making your home a smart home, google’s assistant is comping with smart displays. It is going to give amazon’s echo Show a run for its users. While you can play youtube videos on it with just speech instructions, it can also show up your timers and other details. No longer do you just hear voices coming from the google assistants.

  • Google lens gets smart
  • Since long google was demonstrating the computer vision it was going to bring to google lens now it is going to be a reality soon. Just focus your lens on the text and the optical recognition will identify the text and translate it directly to your device.

  • Google photos is an advanced editing tool now
  • All driven by AI, google photos is soon going to be loaded with editing features. Right from changing backgrounds of images and separating objects from the background, google photos now lets you colorize the black and white photos. That is something for your grandparents. A built-in recommendation engine is going to change the way you edit images with google photos today.

  • Google maps is becoming versatile
  • Caught you!

    You thought we repeated the last google map point again. Well, we played a little trick here but that is what google is all about. Let us get back to what we were about to tell you.

    In a few months, when you visit a new city, point your camera in the direction you want to move, you will experience and augmented reality experience where you can see each turn in front of you as you move. And, the credit again goes to AI.

  • Google news partners with AI
  • Do you spend a lot of time scrolling via the new lists in google news? Now you won’t have to do that anymore. With AI driving google news, it uses its intelligence to determine your top interests and will arrange the videos and articles accordingly.

    Google’s vision of building a better digital world is taking practical shape. With so many changes with AI’s invasion in its arena, we soon will be spending less time on our mobile phones as they become the next generation of real smartphones.

    The smart advantage of google’s new android brings you battery saving features that too driven by artificial intelligence!