DNN development tips for web developers

27 December 2018 / By TE Author

DotNetNuke (DNN) is an open-source CMS application designed especially for the asp.net framework. The application is fully extensible and compatible with multiple platforms, enabling to use various themes and packages.

DNN being a CMS inscribed in asp.net is now available in the version, 9.1.1. The sole purpose of the application is to create and maintain multiple web applications simultaneously. Nevertheless, its graphical design and layout are significant.

DNN doesn’t require much technical knowledge and is also, highly expansive with numerous inbuilt modules. Hence, it is wholly sufficient to maintain your websites.

Why DNN developers?

DNN provides smart CMS web solutions with its ability to be effective and adaptable. It application targets the customized, innovative business side offering a true business solution for all your web and web-based requirements

DNN developers would help you in meeting your business goals at highly competitive rates. Hiring an experienced DNN developer is highly recommendable.

The following are 8 quick tips for developers who find it to be a big deal working with DNN. Also, it is proven that DNN is an easy and successful platform for the asp.net framework:

1. Add optimized image for your job

When you are dealing with images in DNN, make sure you are choosing the right one. The image you are choosing should be of high quality, right size, and format. For this, you should have a clear idea of different formats and the right place to add them on.

DNN application

Larger images can take more time to load. So, you can rather play with compressed images in your DNN application.

2. The HTML code

The HTML code you are inscribing should be optimized. Why? The reason is if you are going to have the complex code, it’s going to take a lot of loading and execution time on your application.

Also, have simply structured codes, instead of nested loop structured codes. As browsers can easily analyze your code more efficiently. Moreover, it is prominent to count on the whitespace as it can increase the readability for humans.

3. Minimal HTTP request

When it comes to DNN, you may seem to maintain a crisp record of CSS files to help you re-formed. This can enact as a template that you can use as a base coding, which you can develop further based on your requirements.


Having these templates would allow you to reduce the HTTP request to your web servers.

4. Go for text instead of images

So, DNN is not completely on images. Also, it would appeal clumsy if you are just going to insert a lot of images.

Text Instead of Images

You can balance a good design combining text and images. According to Pounce Marketing, text reaches quicker than images and is more competent for SEO. And it’s always best to have text in the headers.

5. Cache your output

This may slightly look like a strange topic but its the best way to you can optimize your performance. Trust me. If you are going to execute a cache at both the ends (server and client), you can reduce your payload and HTTP request.

6. Allow compression

Whenever you are considering DNN, you have been to very much clear about the size of the application. As a web developer, you might have understood how important the size of your job.

Compression size

So, make sure you are having the compressed file as it allows you to transfer the content quickly. Here is a quick tip – You can enable compression with gzip for your page content. Because gzip compresses your file without causing any damage to the quality of the file.

7. Try avoiding negative request

Avoid bad page requests such as HTTP 404 error and “Page not found”. So, make sure your page resources are in place while developing your job.

Considering DNN as a CMS, monitor your server errors and address the repeated errors. Having a record of these would help you overcome when you are about to deal with a similar agenda.

8. Choose network wisely

It doesn’t matter whatever hosting you have got for your website. The only thing that matters is whether you are hosting your website with a hosting provider or a cloud provider. You will get the outcome for what you are paying for.


For example – If you are having a production quality site, you should definitely avoid sharing the hosting. The reason is that outages in this kind of website can affect your organization’s reputation.


Finally, if you are working on DNN for your job, at this point, you should be ready to develop your application, with your own authenticated custom provider. After all of this, be sure to research on a few other details over the idea of DNN. You can hire DNN Developers from DNN Ready’s expert team too.