DNN development & technology trends to watch out in 2018

08 January 2018 / By TE Author
DNN Next

DNN or DotNetNuke, whatever you call it, the technology is rapidly advancing. It is fairly more progressive as compared to other CMS in the world. Hence, the possibilities of newly-evolving trends are more in DNN technology, than any other content management system development software.

Exciting to find out what the future may bring and how far DNN will go?

Well, we too. So, we gave it a thought to prepare a DNN development trend list for 2018. Here it is:

  1. DNN next – lesser (or NO) dependency on web forms framework
  2. When DNN 9 was released in 2017, it looked pretty clear that the development team is willing to minimize the dependency on WebForms. The lesser or no reliance on webforms is surely the ultimate goal. So, we can expect the modules of DNN NeXt developed in .net core. With that, the approach used for accessing the XMP will also change significantly.

    The software now partially supports the MVC (model-view-controller) and SPA frameworks. Either in 2018 or in some more years, DNN will make this big shift to 100% flexible architecture.

  3. More of EVOQ
  4. EVOQ 9, the web content management suite of DNN, is finally a decoupled platform. It means that the constraints, which it had while being monolithic, aren’t restricting the publishers anymore. It utilizes a microservices architecture that uses content-as-a-service through DNN’s cloud. This easy publishing mechanism, enabled by EVOQ, will attract more and more publishers to DNN technology. Therefore, you can expect more developmental trends in EVOQ and more products running EVOQ around the world.

  5. Goodbye to monolith content management
  6. It is easier to perform omnichannel publishing through EVOQ. With a headless CMS approach, DNN is allowing the liquid content to be stored in the cloud. This separately-stored content could be, then, published directly for multiple purposes and in multiple formats, such as to different channels, devices, websites, applications and the Internet of Things (IoT).

    With this implementation, DNN sets itself apart from most of those CMSs, which are still utilizing the monolithic architecture. As this approach improves the flexibility of content publishing processes, CaaS will be used more frequently in the future. We can consider that it’ll begin the trend of liquid content management.

  7. Use of analytics
  8. Every sales process is backed up with analytics data. Efficient and deeper insights into customer behavior allow businesses to take more supervised steps. Overall, it improves the whole decision-making mechanism of the enterprise, thereby, increasing the productivity and revenue for the companies.

    DNN development & technology trends

    Though DNN collects the analytics data already, DotNetNuke developers companies will focus more on allowing the more efficient proves and presentation of this data. With this, your business will be able to harness the power of information in a more subtle way.

  9. More headless and stateless implementations
  10. Where the headless CMS concept allows the content to stay in liquid format, stateless API allows retrieving this content from the azure-powered liquid content cloud of DNN. Currently, there are around 100 design layers in EVOQ library which could be used for giving shape to stored content. As the microservices gains popularity, the implementations of these concepts will increase in the industry, bringing a revolutionary uplift in the designing and development of related tools, modules, skins, APIs, and components.

  11. More enterprises and businesses shifting to DNN
  12. DNN is a favorite of many enterprises due to the extensibility and security it offers. With the advent of headless features in technology, more enterprises will pay attention to DotNetNuke development. More attention means more users! Henceforth, 2018 is going to a great year for DNN. At Techechelons, we’re already receiving more queries and DNN development projects than ever. Take a break from reading and drop your requirements too, if you are willing to take our flawless DNN services.

  13. Progress in cloud-based services
  14. To avoid the loss of data any other physical hosting issues, organizations are more interested in taking everything to the cloud. As DNN is compatible with Amazon Web services (AWS), EC2 and Windows Azure, it is simply the most suitable technology to head towards.

    DNN development & technology trends

    With more customers to serve, DNN will increase its support and customizable modules to let the users handle cloud operations more easily. This trend will result in load-optimized and light-weight websites too. This is because of the increased implementation of CaaS (Content as a Service).

  15. Improvement in offline scenario handling
  16. Currently, DNN allows caching of your business data and other critical resources so that you can access them while being offline. But there are still a few limitations to cope with. Seeing the increasing importance of the offline presence of data, these features will be strengthened to empower you with the abilities to perform more uninterrupted operations while not being connected. This deployment will especially help those employees attain improved performance and productivity, who are mostly doing their tasks while roaming. It could be used in better mobility solutions too.

  17. Handling social publishing through DNN
  18. DNN allows scheduling the social media postings through off-the-shelve APIs, which can publish the content on your business’s behalf. Automating all the social media posts, messaging through those platforms, sending notifications, etc. can also be done through it. However, the development of more tools for social integration and posting the liquid content on social media will trend throughout the year and onwards.

  19. Increased mobile-friendliness – responsive designs/skins
  20. DNN development & technology trends

    Mobile-responsiveness is considered an essential-to-have feature on every website. Businesses, be it a startup or an enterprise, believe in deploying a mobile-first version of their web entities to take double benefits. This shift will cause the DNN developers to come up with more modules and skins, which are built keeping the mobile versions in mind.

  21. Gamification implementations
  22. It is found that users can be easily engaged with the gamification interactions. For example, providing the award points for a particular action might bring more customers to your website. With more social tools and modules to let you do this, this approach will be implemented more often, making it a DNN development trend.


DNN will always remain a growing and profitable technology for every company, utilizing it. The decoupling of CMS, reduced use of monolithic architecture, the introduction of liquid content and ending dependency from the web forms are some significant steps towards becoming a completely ‘headless’ and therefore, more powerful CMS. 2018 will be full of such amazing DNN News for developers and publishers.

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