Development scope in chatbots applications

09 April 2018 / By TE Author
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Chatbots seem some humane now.

Intelligent enough to understand the patterns and put across answers that are appropriate and relevant, chatbots have come a long way. With efficient chatbot development practices, they can be made capable of literally engulfing and processing whatever information comes their way. They learn and develop a predictive analytical capability just like humans.

Eventually, all they need is a stimulus.

Simple chatbots were capable of matching a text string and offering an answer only when the exact match is found. When we said chatbots have come a long way, we actually meant it. The advanced chatbots today have a learning curve powered by artificial intelligence and is leading them to be of great significance.

Here’s the secret:

Today 100,000 chatbots are available on facebook messengers.

Imagine! chatbots have infested the web world.

Why have chatbots become so popular?

They need no day off!

The availability of chatbots 24/7 with the immense knowledge they can hold is all set to outperform humans. With speed and accuracy, they are offering support to enterprises, they will soon augment human capabilities.

Users love to interact with chatbots as it saves them time and in most cases offers them clear and concrete answers. They may not be perfect but they are scary close to be perfect.

What is the development scope of chatbot application?

Quite close to be mainstream customer support to replace humans, chatbots have evolved by riding the artificial intelligence wave.

Every passing day they are becoming more intelligent and engaging. Inarguably the face of chatbots will undergo immense changes by 2020 but what could they be.

Let us take a closer look!

Technological changes


Artificial intelligence, programming languages, databases, and APIs are rapidly evolving and we can see their direct impact on chatbots.

  • Chatbots are replacing apps
  • The world has seen almost 6.5 million apps developed. It has been identified that 23% of the users uninstall the apps after a few weeks of use.

    Enterprises are losing a lot of business this way. Chatbots come across as a potential way to engage with the audience then. A messaging app brings along a chatbot that is easy to download and users get engaged with the campaigns quickly.

  • Emotional processing
  • Advanced chatbots are just a fine line away from being capable of offering the human-level conversation. They are have already won over the natural language processing territory and next in scope is NLU and NLG.

    NLU stands for Natural Language Understanding, although a subset of NLP, a lot of focus is on making the chatbot capable of understanding even the unstructured input.

    NLG comes into a picture while the chatbot tries to generate a response to the query. It is getting more efficient day by day and the next scope is multilinguistic responses.

  • Voice bots
  • Chabot’s have received a lot of criticism from a section of developers who believe why to have a user interface. They prefer voice over taps.

    The development of smart speakers has been a step into this territory.

Adaptive changes [Most probable ones]

Technical advancements are going to bring more adaptive changes towards the chatbots. As per the predictive analysis (not by chatbots), soon you can see the chatbots making the place in

  • Blockchain
  • Yes, you read it right. With cryptocurrencies facing a bullish year in 2017 and the technology behind it coming across as potential replacement of how we deal with finances right now, chatbots are paving its way into the upcoming industry.

    The world has witnessed chatbots have helped the big bulls in analyzing their portfolio and offering them constructive advice based on the information fed to them.

  • Customer insight analysis
  • A massive amount of data is available online. Enterprises do not what to derive out of this data and they do not even have so much of the workforce.

    Customized chatbots are being developed to make sense out of all the data available and do the predictive analysis on customer behavior as per the data insight.

  • Banking and financial
  • Banking and financial industries have restrained from using the chatbots extensively.

    All we have witnessed on a banking sight is a chatbot saying “how may I help you today” and then redirecting you to a customer care executive over a call. With security layer enhancements on chatbots, we are expecting the banking industry to let chatbots become mainstream when a customer wants to access his personal or financial details over the conversational platform.

  • Healthcare
  • Many times patients need a quick piece of advice. They would not wish to take the pain of taking an appointment and wait for days to get in touch with the healthcare professional.

    Chatbots could make things easier. Personalized chatbots would have the patient history stored and would understand the queries of the patient. The queries would be answered as per the history and current situation.

  • Retail
  • Retail stores are a completely consumer-driven industry. Say goodbye to the days when you would visit a store and find the item to be out of stock. Prior to your visit to the store, connect to the chatbot who can tell you whether or not an item is available. It would have all your conversation history and knows what you are looking for. Once the product arrives at the store, you will be notified.

    That’s great, right?

    Such a personalized scale of services is sure to bring in more business to enterprises in a more engaging manner without having to spare more employee time.

    This process would make the employees available for more productive tasks.

  • Legal industry
  • Have you ever taken any legal advice from a chatbot? The answer would definitely be no.

    The legal industry and people trying to avail its services have really been skeptical about using chatbots. As the chatbots are getting smarter and increasing their terminology knowledge, we must soon be taking this new revolutionary path for advice.


The development costs of chatbots are getting cheaper. More and more industries wish to tap into the potential of the same and deliver enhanced customer experience. We expected certain industries easily adopting chatbots but a few have shown resistance. Inarguably the development world is working on top priority to remove the barriers to major mainstream adoption and we will soon be witnessing employees being augmented by efficient and quick chatbots.

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