Best JS technologies and frameworks for developers

04 July 2018 / By TE Author
Best js technology

Javascript frameworks are a proven, beneficial companion for developers when it comes to web development. These are a seamless and efficient associate for your UX requirements, especially for the reason that JS frameworks are safe and inexpensive. A huge variety of frameworks is available today, each with different features and functions. Nevertheless, their common purpose is to serve development endeavors.

It has eventually become a well-acclaimed programming language, which works great for both front and back-end development. Moreover, nowadays almost all the companies strive hard to establish an adroit website or even a landing page. This is also one of the reasons, why javascript frameworks are becoming more and more prominent, amongst businesses and developers.

We’ve tried to enlist a few of the most popular frameworks here popular JS frameworks of 2018, here. Read on, they’ll help you increase your productivity with robustness, scalability, and mobility for web solutions.

  1. Angular.js – an easy way to create Single Page Applications(SPA)
  2. In recent years, angular.js has turned out to be the majorly used JS framework for developing single-page web applications. Also, they are Google’s ever-popular framework providing support for developing active, interactive, affluent web applications. It speeds up the loading time by simultaneously stacking all the pages. Thus, it allows easy transfer of the whole content of a website, from the server to the browser.

    Angular.js helps to develop both mobile and desktop applications. In addition to its great success, a new upgraded BETA version of this framework is also in development. It supports extendable libraries and plugins.

  3. React.js – the best framework library for developing apps
  4. React.js, formulated by Facebook released in 2013, does well for developing apps. This framework gained popularity quickly and has become the fastest-growing javascript framework. The framework suits industries with high performance as they can promote them using social interfaces like Instagram and Facebook.

    Developers say that this is an efficient tool for SEO. With a reputation from Facebook, these frameworks endure high and powerful traffic web applications.

  5. Meteor.js – create a real-time application with just one language
  6. Now, we all know that javascript is the common scripting language used in the browser. So, developers thought why can’t we use them on the back end as well? When experimented these were time-saving and build expertise among the developers.

    Hence, developers switched over to meteor without the context of ruby, java, python and some other scripting languages

    Also, this JS framework is perfect to build real-time web applications.

  7. Node.js – adept for both front and back-end development
  8. The Node.js is likely to be a more powerful framework that works best since the inflation of javascript. The main idea behind the context of this framework is:

    • To run the execution without blocking(non-blocking)
    • Event-driven
    • Lightweight and efficient
    • Simply we can say that node.js serves specific purposes that would build adaptable and quick network apps. Also, the framework has the ability to handle a big number of connections at the same time with high capacity and scalability. It is ideal for beginners who are looking for something to ease the stress of learning a programming language.

  9. Polymer.js – build your first user-interactive web component with this framework
  10. The polymer.js is similar to that of react.js. This framework gained popularity when it exploded its credits with Google. The use of material design just spiced up Google’s polymer project. The entire framework is all about the rapid and modernized web design. The polymer.js has the capacity to design and reuse components, which makes them, go with modern technology.

    We know you people are still wondering angular.js vs polymer.js. Since both the javascript frameworks are similar in a way and share the same set of code syntax and design features, we can use either of them. For a fact, we knew that polymer would bring you a fresh and best development experience that would motivate the entire industry.

Choosing the best javascript development frameworks

JavaScript Development Frameworks

We can understand that choosing the best framework from these many would stress you out. In fact, that is why we provide you this guide to help you out. Also, choosing the best one should never depend on the number of features that a particular framework can provide.

We should also consider their facts like ‘next generation’, as they can sound very convenient, but what really matters is the actual framework that would serve the purpose. A few frameworks can provide more experience with sensational developers working decades in the industry, whereas, smaller web frameworks would target the community-oriented framework modules.


Since, javascript frameworks are the future of the web development industry, choosing the right one is very important and it would never be easy. However, as we discussed previously don’t choose a particular framework with more number of features. Rather how it can help you with your own project models.

Also, these are not the only frameworks available. A good number of other technologies and frameworks are out there. The resource to find them is the world wide web. Perform simple research before you get them. So, considering all these factors and parameters choose your best JS frameworks and more importantly, the best JS developers.