Advantages of choosing javascript as a career

02 May 2019 / By TE Author
JavaScript career

Javascript, known as JS is one of the most original programming languages to learn and experiment. It is a high-level, interpreted dynamic programming language and can be easy to learn as the first primary programming language.

Javascript frameworks are used to create interactive websites and an array of webpages through interactive client scripts making it commonly referred to as client-side scripting language. Javascript is famous and useful for web developers to easily create large-scale web applications. They produce the same result when executed in any modern web browsers.

From the millions of websites that we use day to day, apps and games that are part of our everyday lives, everything has javascript that makes it more interactive and exciting. This way even the most sophisticated program can be written as a small piece and tested in a web browser at a time makes it the most straightforward programming language that one can learn.

Choosing a career in javascript comes with the following advantages.

  • Web developers all over the world need to know three primary key languages for creating a website: HTML, CSS, and javascript. A webpage is built using HTML and CSS, but with just these two languages the page is only static and does not respond to the client if it is not interactive enough. Javascript helps the web developer to add interactive videos, newsfeeds or animation making it livelier.
  • It is free and available everywhere from mobiles and desktop applications for anyone, to begin with, and is accepted universally. It does not require any software installation to learn. A trusted and decent program coding editor and a web browser are all you need to start learning this language.
  • It is fun and interactive to learn and enhances a web developer’s creativity. There are endless possibilities from playing an animation, designing fantastic user interfaces and creating new games. All these are very much possible with javascript as it is more of a front-end development programming language.
  • Javascript is pretty much simple to debug too as it just requires a web browser on which you can run your code simultaneously to check how it works making learning and improving much faster.
  • Anybody without even having the slightest experience or knowledge about programming languages can learn javascript. The syntax and the instructions that are used in javascript are very straight forward for a newbie to learn, understand and use. Once you learn and understand the deeper level of this programming language, learning any other type of programming language becomes more effortless.

The majority of the world’s most used top web pages and websites like Yahoo, Netflix, LinkedIn have javascript in some way making it the most powerful scripting interface. There is a high demand for javascript developers as the world is becoming more and more digital. Career opportunities with javascript are booming everywhere around the world. There is a lot of constant development that is happening, and there are a lot of opportunities out there in this field.

Javascript professionals are in high demand all over the world as there is n number of websites getting added every day. The flexibility of the job is a great plus as one can start working in a company as a team supporting them as a front-end developer or work as an individual freelancer or a part-time employee. They can also be easily transferred to other areas within the technology world.


The internet field is growing tremendously every day, and so the role of web developers and their need to learn and update the languages needed to cope with the growth is tremendous. Putting it simply – the scope in this field is excellent!

A web developer has the privilege of learning new things every day. They are not made stagnant in the highly competitive market by just doing a monotonous job every day. Javascript provides a lot of new frameworks like angular, react, vue, ember that is targeted for specific needs to achieve faster development and the professionals also have an incentive to stay abreast.

With a decent high-end pay, remote access to the job and abundant career growth in the field, one cannot ask for more with the choice of taking javascript as their career. Web development is cited as one of the professions with high satisfaction rates in terms of work-life balance, pay and career growth.

Today almost anything and everything is there on the internet, such as answers for silly things, online entertainments like movies or games, online education and courses, and social networking sites. With the growing demand for technology increases, the lookout for the people with programming languages is more making it one of the most wanted and sought-out jobs. So, it is the right time to start learning the right technology and get a good job in this field. Javascript seems one of the best options for you, therefore.