10 Transformational trends we will soon see in the chatbot world

29 January 2018 / By TE Author
Chatbot World

2017 was a year of chatbots. But, the little pop up that interacts with you on the website is transforming in 2018. As a computer program that talks to you have become a favorite among the website visitors. The chatbot has changed the face of conventional marketing by improving the communication channel. No longer do the users need to call the toll free helplines and talk to the IVR to get to a real agent. The chatbot is intelligent and has massive data storing and handling capacity.

Chatbot status for 2017

Chatbots are on the verge of becoming mainstream communication channels. The chatbot industry is expected to be $1.2 billion across the globe in the coming years and has shown annual growth of 24%. Becoming more intelligent, versatile and quick, chatbots have witnessed a huge applaud from the marketing and sales teams.

chatbot world

So what more will 2018 bring to the chatbots?
  1. Chatbots will become more secure
  2. Multiple communication channels have made it easy to connect with personal or formal communication. Chatbots capability of handling massive data shifted the focus of technocrats on making it more powerful and secure. The data holding capacity makes it business intelligent but as more businesses are ready to adopt chatbots for business communications, adding security measures will take them to the next level. They will become the formal channels of communications for inter-department data transfer.

  3. Customized chatbots
  4. Chat usage has grown up to 76.3% because of smartphones. Even in businesses, people want to rely on secure chats. This opens up a new dimension to the chatbot development that includes customization of chatbots as per the business requirement. The developers have started putting on their innovative gears and are ready to serve the needs of video calling, conference calling and voice over the internet for bringing in customization and versatility to the chatbots. So 2018 is ready to move chatbots from mere messaging to more interactive talks. If you are planning to get a customized chatbot for your business, Techechelons can help you in that.

  5. Chatbots and AI
  6. All the tech discussions are revolving around artificial intelligence. Technocrats believe AI s yet to reveal its full potential and 2018 will see AI going for some exciting advancements. The platforms that support AI development are undergoing drastic changes making it more powerful than the human brain. Chatbots get all the intelligence from AI technology so they are bound to evolve with AI technologies. 2018 is going to witness the enhanced conversational capabilities of the chatbots so be ready to talk to super-intelligent chatbots that serve you better.

  7. Human language commands
  8. The precision with which the chatbots can understand and answer the human voice query is yet limited. As the business is ready to bring on more chatbots to replace human intervention in customer care, the need for chatbots that are intelligent and understand the human language becomes very critical for the speed of adaptation in the real business world.

  9. Human-like bots
  10. Chatbots still lack the relationship-building element in communication. With AI evolution the emotional element that goes behind marketing and customer care is for sure going to enhance. The chatbots will soon be able to understand the emotions and emote better connecting communication developing a human-like relation with the customers.

  11. Data analysis
  12. AI and big data analytics are getting more significant day by day. The data analytic capability of chatbots makes them capable of handling a lot of information and queries with ease and rapidly too. Holding and analyzing a lot of customer data makes them capable of gaining customer insights and offering answers or suggesting products much closer to their needs.

  13. Chatbots are more pocket-friendly
  14. The big agencies have given the chatbot development tasks to third-party software providers making the lowering the cost of chatbots to a huge extent. The innovative brains at these third parties are capable of delivering exceptional chatbots that can interact with the customers most impressively.

  15. Negotiation power
  16. Chatbots have bought a fresh perspective on marketing. 2018 is looking forward to chatbots that are capable of negotiations. This feature, when clubbed with the security standards that the new chatbots are getting, is undoubtedly going to save many person-hours that go into closing the business deals.

  17. Chatbots are turning mainstream
  18. For 2017 we have seen lots of websites adopting chatbot communication with customers. The trust on chatbots is increasing day by day, and soon we will see sites using it for interaction, online activity, and commerce too. Soon we will witness chatbots being used in banking for more secure levels of transactions.

  19. Massive adaptation of chatbots
  20. The chatbot is really the next big thing for the business. Offering a very conversational channel that is secure more customers are connecting to businesses. As per the 2017 stats, almost 80% of the enterprises are ready to adopt Chatbot as the customer service channel.

Final take on chatbots in 2018

Chatbots are for sure evolving with technical advancements. Better architecture, better user interfaces, better customer services, and many more elements are making it highly adaptive for business growths. Each enterprise is looking for offering better customer services, and the chatbot is the answer to every need.

2018 main focus of chatbots is to get more close to the natural language and make the customer feel like human interaction. The voice-activated chatbots like Siri are soon going to be available on android phones offering more voice control over the operations. The technology industry is pouring millions of dollars into AI and that, in turn, is going to change how chatbots work and interact with customers.

We must say 2018 is the year where you must stay close to chatbot transformational changes and be ready to adopt one to transform your business. With chatbots getting better and cheaper, soon they are going to be an integral part of the industry of small business too.