10 small things to take care of while hiring mobile developers

18 April 2018 / By TE Author
mobile developers

Technology trends are changing daily!

So even if you have been a pro in coding java, the pipelined project may need you to develop a web app in javascript.

Standing clueless!

Do you really have time to learn and then develop the app? Of course, a very sensible answer to this situation is – better hire a developer.

Challenge! Challenge!

What could be worse than getting stuck in the middle of a project with an under capable and unprofessional developer? It is a nightmare.

Save yourself the trouble and do not give into a hasty decision on developer choice. Remember “hurry too takes its time”.

There is no defined measuring rod for the perfect developer but taking care of a few small things may help you chose the right one. You may sound upfront but then you are putting your reputation at stake with him.

chose the right one

You have every right to take him left, right and center (Joking).
  1. Is he comfortable with the platform your app is being built for?
  2. Platform expertise is a must to build a fully functional app that is versatile and optimized. Developers get taken away with the confidence of building successful apps for a single platform and assume for the others it is going to be the same story.

    Remember, for you and your client device choice is vital as that defines your target audience, features and functionality of the app. Make a clear point across to the developer you are hiring that if he has a platform relevant experience, the selection procedure may be taken ahead.

    Whether you want a hybrid app or native app, the developer must have hands-on experience in the same.

    Be honest about your expectations.

  3. Does he understand your project niche?
  4. This is critical. Understanding if the project niche is important from a developer’s perspective so that the functionality and flow of the app suit the transaction type.

    A developer who has niche expertise can let his creative juices flow. A novice may keep struggling to understand the business flow and making technical sense out of it. Do you really have that much of time and liberty?

    Innovation can be brought forward only after sound understanding.

  5. Do you have a common source with him?
  6. A developer is a human being after all. Time has been a witness to the events where developers left the project in between over some trivial issues or just without any notification.

    Whatever may be the reason it jeopardizes your credibility. Play a safe bet and hire either through a development company or prefer a referred resource.

    You may be able to rope him back with the help of the common source.

  7. Did you check out the technical capability?
  8. Experts or no-experts. Never go by what their resume proclaims.

    Most developers stuff the skills in the resume to make it impressive and crack the bigger projects. It is your task to sort the things out here.

    Take them through a test, grill them on the skills and if required to download the previous apps and assess their skills based on it.

    A seasoned developer is not tough to identify.

  9. Did you check out their previous clientele list?
  10. If they are experienced they will definitely have a previous clientele list. Probe into this territory and ask them the relevant information.

    Be open and ask them a person with whom they worked closely in the last organization. Contact the previous organization and ask for a testimonial. It may future proof you and your project.

  11. Do they have a github repository?
  12. Github is something every credible developer uses to maintain the versioning of the code. If they have followed best practices in the past, they must have shared the code with the client or team via github.

    Their github account will give you a deeper insight into their previous work and work ethics.

  13. Do they have a play store developer account?
  14. Would there be any developer who would not have deployed an app to the play store? I am yet to see one. Although you might never use his play store account to upload your app but knowing he has a developer account sound promising and you can have a sneak-peek into his previous apps, the reviews, and engagement they brought.

    On top of it, you will get to understand his work ethic and how professionally he deals even with his personal projects. After all his personal projects are a reflection of his best working standards.

  15. How do they document the apps?
  16. Documentations may sound boring and if your would-be developer laughs over this question. Say a sweet goodbye then and there.

    It may not sound like a vital skill but it turns critical when the app has to go a future ramification or upgrade. His successor must be able to understand with much ado as to what, why and how have been the logic and functionalities coded.

  17. How will the apps be tested?
  18. Testing the apps extensively against numerous testbeds is important to deliver a flawless app that you intend to do.

    Taking the app through functionality test, usability test and vulnerability test may be the developer’s task if you do not have a dedicated resource for that. Be clear about your expectations on this.

  19. Has he ever worked with a team?
  20. An individual contributor may at times find it difficult to work with a team. The developer you are going to hire must have the qualities to work as the team with the designer, other developers, and testers.

    He must be adaptive to workplace changes and must be capable of working both in isolation and with the team


The intent of the article was clear, to help you out pick out the best developer around you and save from plunging into any difficult situation in the future.

If you have been honest in understanding the importance of each point written here and are ready to follow it to the core, expect to land up with an honest and capable developer.

You would have heard the advice millions of times but it needs to be applied only once.