10 Great testing tools for your newly-built chatbot

23 April 2018 / By TE Author
Testing tools

Artificially intelligent software chatbot programs are capable of interacting in a much humane manner. Driven by natural language processing, the substream of deep learning, chatbots are the new frontier of mainstream customer care interaction. Siri and google Now are the chatbots on mobile phones that recognize natural text and voice.

Have you wondered how siri and google now achieved this level of precision and accuracy?

Extensive effort into the development and testing of the chatbots renders authentic conversational power to chatbots. The mushrooming growth of the chatbots has raised the level of competition. An ill tested chatbot can do disastrous damage to your developmental effort. Are you in the testing phase, you have reached this article at the right time?

This article offers a comprehensive list of 10 great testing tools for your chatbots that pick and identify the flaws in chatbot development so that you reach the market with a sophisticated and highly responsive bot.

So let us get busy!

  1. TestMyApp
  2. A subreddit that offers a testing platform to app developers! The platform is a crowd testing community where developers can post apps and ask for free bug identification and reviews from the users. The community is very active and the innovation fans here like to interact with you offering constructive feedback after real-time test runs.

    The community of testers is well built to support testing in various phases like pre-alpha, alpha, beta, release to market (RTM), GA (General Availability) and final build. This platform is purely for the developer community and not for advertising.

  3. TestFairy
  4. Offering a highly professional testing ecosystem, testfairy gives you deep insight into bugs and assists you in recreating the bug easily and fix it in an expedited fashion. The test fairy platform offers a very transparent channel to app developers where they can understand how users are using the apps.
    Testfairy services offer videos and crash reports to app developers for understanding the state of app prior to its crash. The platform is not only appropriate for bug fixing but optimizing the user experience by getting a clear report on CPU and memory usage on different mobile devices. In-app feedback notifications promise a better user engagement as testfairy integrates seamlessly with your app.

  5. Beta Family
  6. It’s a flexible platform that lets developers test the app across an active and strong community of 94000 testers. The best part about beta family is that you can design your own test with a set of questions. As an iOS and android testing platform, you can select the audience as per age, gender, demographic position, device, operating system and, more filters.

    The testers are real people using the app in a more practical environment. Detailed test reports are filled by the users who test the chatbots.

  7. Betabound
  8. As a centercode product, it is a thriving community of technology enthusiasts who like to keep pace with the new and innovative apps. Chatbots being a new technology initiative receives a lot of attention in this community. A structured format of testing is followed by the betabound community to offer the best testing feed.

    As a free and secure channel of opening up to the world of technology, betabound is among the most trusted platforms.

  9. Gupshup proxy bot
  10. Gupshup bot-building platform is extremely popular in the bot development community. You must consider yourself lucky if you developed the bot on these platforms as it lets you test your bot with its proxy bot.

    Assuming the identity of the real bot developed on gupshup, the proxy bot copies the behavior of the real bot. All you need to do is map you bot and you are all set to test it on Facebook messenger, Twitter, Slack, Telegram, and Skype.

  11. User testing
  12. User testing is a very popular crowd testing platform that lets developers know the deep insights of real-life testers by a video developed by its community testers. Reviews, bugs reporting, performance enhancement suggests and more can be reported by millions of testers over the videos. Within a window of 2 hours, you get the real-time stats without any bias.

    Choose your own set of testers across the globe and get actionable data to drive your chatbot closer to perfection.

  13. Testbirds
  14. Currently an active community of 250,000 testers, testbirds ensures your chatbot gets exposed to maximum testers who can measure its quality, performance, usability, user experience and with remote access to real testing devices.

    Apart from crowdtesting, testbirds also offers developers a cloud-based virtual test environment set up with maximum app distribution in a real-time environment.

  15. Ubertesters
  16. Multiple testing platforms, ubertesters allow developers to pick between a dedicated test platform and a crowdtesting platform. The test platform lets developers monitor and manages the QA testing process. While the crowdtesting platform is an open boundary platform used across 80 countries to let experienced testers provide deep insight into your chatbots. The testing capability of the platform ranges from the usability test, localization testing, and functional testing and even lets you hire the testers.

  17. Beta testers hub
  18. Are you excited about your chatbot? Create a wave of sensation in the beta testers’ hub community who are a team of early adopters of budding technologies and innovation. Way before your official launch opens your chatbot to the numerous possibilities of bug identification.

  19. Upwork
  20. Not a testing tool exactly, but it gives you access to 100s of human testing experts who can help you efficiently. Upwork is an active community of testers working as freelancers. The testing freelancers available across upwork are available for multiple project testing phases as they upkeep with the latest tools and technologies to test apps. On Upwork platform, clients rate the freelancers making it easy for you to find a suitable one to do your chatbot testing extensively in an affordable package.
    Chatbots have found applications in multiple niches. As a developer if you are eager to let you chatbot interact with the audience but are worried about finding any bugs, you must try out these testing tools where active and enthusiastic testers from the real world are waiting to interact with your chatbot and offer their feedback. And, if your chatbot is not ready yet, you should opt for Techechelons’ chatbot development services.